Burrito Grande offers a great variety of Mexican Cuisine in every dish, salad or dessert is made with the care, dedication from the staff that prepares it.

The Burrito Grande team has great experience preserving ancient recipes of Mexican cuisine to your table. Each of the ingredients and vegetables are carefully chosen for their best preparation from Camarones a la Diabla to Chicken breast with vegetables cooked in point.

Our dedication and professionalism have permitted Burrito Grande to receive recognition of our Mexican Cuisine excellence from prestigious schools and companies not only eating inside the restaurant but also in the different Burrito Grande catering and taquizas services.

The multinational company of Google granted a recognition for the good acceptance to the client, the friendliness of the staff when attending to the people who day by day come to have breakfast, lunch or dinner.

That is the fundamental philosophy of Burrito Grande, kindness, good service for each of the people who visit us every day.